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.What is the SpotLight Event?

 The SpotLight event is a model, talent, and acting event that helps you jump start your talent career. It is a fun and exciting event where you will meet a lot of important people in the industry. You can see dozens of agents and scouts in one place without traveling or trying to get an appointment. The age for talent starts at 3 and goes all the way to older adults. At each event you will also find free training and coaches ready to help you grow and prepare.

 The agents and scouts coming to our event are the best in the business. They expect the talent at the event to be ready to go to work, and be professional. Each participant is screened by us to ensure the agents that they are ready to be seen. Most of the agents use these events to find new talent and it saves them time and money too. You may need to be ready to travel if the right job or contract comes along. Here’s a list of what you will need:

    * Photos or a portfolio preferably, done by a professional.
    * Composite cards or head shots to leave with agents.
    * A video tape, DVD or audio CD of your talent.
    * You must be trained or have enough experience to be seen on stage, and be ready to work.
    * In some cases you must be available to travel.

Spotlight Event in the News.

Our last mini event has made the news and is running on several news sites. Winners walked away with trophies, free pictures, videos, photos shoots, acting parts as extras in movies, and a agency contract from Element Model mangement. 
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