We have a limited number of openings available for our next event.   The agents attending our event want to know we have serious talent attending  and we make sure each person is ready to be seen on stage. To qualify you must submit a short letter and bio about the person or child that would attend along with your registration form. We will need to know what areas they have talent in, any experience, a photo and a brief description. Please try to send the information in as soon as possible before the next event you would like to attend. You will still need to complete the registration form below and let us know you have questions. You can email the information to:


Donna a free scholarship winner from our Atlanta event who went on to win overall female in runway, TV commericial & photography.
please complete the form and mail or email it to us along with your $25 deposit. Please note if you are applying for a scholarship on the form. Deposits may be made by Paypal or credit card